Nebraska 3.982.00 Web Sight

About Me

 I became a Ham Radio Operator around 1979. Started out as Novis and remained inactive for 10 years before upgrading to Advanced and that is where I have stayed.  Love Transmitter Hunting, APRS, Geo caching, wood working, and Camping. I became the Nebraska Morning Phone Net Manger somewhere around 1994 when Glen KAØDJA retired from it and passed it on to me.  I met Sandy and Kelsey in 2005 and she became a Ham radio operator in June of 2007.  Her call is KBØDOC.  We enjoy camping, tennis, and the annual trip to Victoria Springs.


    Above are pictures of the shack.  Not shown is my new IC-7000 sitting on shelf upper left.  It was purchased after photo was taken.  I would take another picture but my desk is no where near that clean.  

I am operating a IC-756 with IC-AT500, IC-2KL (500 Watts) and IC7000.  Antenna's are two dipoles that give me 10-80 meters and a Diamond for 2-meters.  I will be putting up a better tower soon and pictures will follow.